MB Radić

Transport services

MB Radic is able to offer transport of ADR goods on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All vehicles meet the stringent technical requirements in terms of safety and noise and emission reductions.


All technical requirements are fulfilled and the vehicles are equipped with equipment for the transport of hazardous goods.


We have to point out, in this business, main link are employed, in this case, drivers who have qualified for the transport of dangerous goods, and to service to the highest possible a higher level of their knowledge continuously increased and controlled.

Cafe - Restaurant

Cafe - Restaurant MB Radic is on the way Brcko - Bijeljina, an ideal place to relax and rest after a long journey. Besides the pleasant ambiente and excellent specialties highlighted the superior service of our employees.


Particular accent is on superb cuisine with various specialties from which we would extract “leskovacki” grill , what separates us from the standard offer restaurants in and around Brcko. Of course, there are other types of cuisine.


We believe that the quality of services and specialties from our kitchen to complete your experience, and to contribute to us to come back and visit.


At cafe - restaurant parking lot is with physical and technical security and you have parking for trucks.


MOTEL MB Radićis located at the out of the Brcko, at the way Brcko - Bijeljina. We are able to offer single, double and suite room accommodation!


All rooms are equipped with the aim to fully satisfy all the needs of our guests. Visit us and discover the service that we are able to offer you.


MOTEL parking lot is with physical and technical security.

About us

MB Radic company was founded in 2003 with headquartered in Brcko with main activity trading oil and oil derivatives, and ancillary activities catering, retail, transport of ADR goods and real estate.


Our petrol stations are on the main route Brcko-Bijeljina based on two locations, at Brezovo Poljo and at the enterance to Brcko, at Bijeljinska street 76. Both petrol stations have spaces for drivers break and service for the passangers. Petrol station at Brezovo Polje also have physical and technical security 24 hours a day and large pargking for passaneger and commercial vehicles.